Workers' Compensation

Some workplace accidents are impossible to avoid. With TelePayroll's workers' compensation insurance service, you can protect your employees and ensure your business conforms with complicated state regulations.

Flexible Payments -- "Pay-As-You-Go"

With many workers' compensation plans, a large up-front deposit is required for premiums based off estimated employee salaries. This is a big financial burden and your premium payment is typically too high or low because employee wages change during the year. With TelePayroll's workers' comp payment service, you can put your money where it counts and focus on critical business functions.

  • Premiums are based off actual employee salaries instead of estimates
  • No large up-front deposits - Keep your capital available with our pay-as-you-go option
  • Coverage is provided through our partnerships with the country's premier financial institutions

Track workers' compensation costs and payments with extensive reporting option