Time and Attendance

Simplify your time and attendance tracking with one of TelePayroll's many time-collecting options.

We Value Your Time

Tracking employee hours and attendance is a complicated task no matter how many employees are on your team. With new rules and government regulations, the need for an accurate timekeeping system has never been more important than it is today.

Forget the days of wasted labor minutes and the human error that is all too common with manual timekeeping. TelePayroll offers a number of time clock options including keypad entry, swipe card, biometric scan, or online through your PC or mobile device. Import timesheets into our Evolution payroll system and turn timekeeping into a simple task rather than a complicated chore.

In-Office Solutions

Whether you prefer traditional timekeeping through keypad entry and swipe cards or newer solutions through biometric readers, TelePayroll has an on-site time and attendance solution for you.

Online TeleClock

Eliminate the need for equipment and streamline time collection with our online TeleClock system. Employees can quickly clock in or out wherever an Internet connection is present.

Highly Customized

We understand that some businesses have different requirements for their time clocks. Our time clock applications can be customized to fit your preferences, including location, overtime, and pay period rules.

Affordable Timekeeping

SwipeClock is a simple, affordable timekeeping solution. We understand that employers need a capable but practical timekeeping solution that will improve overall operations, reduce labor costs, but won't cost "an arm and a leg" to obtain. We pride ourselves in offering a set of features that meet the needs of small, mid-size and many large businesses without the heavy costs that typically follow.

Savings with Automated Timekeeping

To get a better idea of your savings with automated timekeeping, take a look at the figure on the right. A little lost time can add up quickly!

Where You Can Save

Not only is our solution simple and affordable but the choice to implement an automated timekeeping solution offers employers significant savings on labor and administrative costs.

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