Tax and Compliance

Feel confident with complex tax laws and regulations with TelePayroll's Tax Pay and Filing service.

Our Guarantee

Tax penalties can be assessed that total 100% of your taxes owed if your business does not file on time and accurately. We are so confident your taxes will be filed properly that we offer the following guarantee: TelePayroll will pay any tax penalty you are assessed due to our error*.

What makes our tax service better than our competitors?

We send your quarterly return copies in a secured e-mail. This allows you to safely store and access your returns for future use.

If you send us a letter from a tax agency, we will respond promptly, normally the same day, to help resolve the issue. Other payroll services can have a turn-around time of 30 days or longer.

Unlike most payroll services, TelePayroll offers free quarterly tax filing for our clients who have processed at least one payroll with us during the quarter.

Our clients have an assigned Payroll Tax Specialist to personally handle their account. Your Payroll Tax Specialist is available any time during business hours to answer your payroll tax questions!

Since the vast majority of our taxes are deposited and filed electronically (a few states do not have that option), the entire tax filing process is streamlined and efficient.

Our monthly e-mailed newsletter will update you on any tax law changes that might affect your business.

Federal Tax Filing

  • Federal Form 940 (FUTA)
  • Federal Form 941

State and Local Tax Filing

  • State Unemployment Insurance (SUI)
  • State and Local Withholding Tax

* TelePayroll offers you a "No Payroll Tax Penalty" Guarantee. As long as your information is on time, accurate and your account is properly funded, your payroll tax deposits and tax filings will be done on time and accurately.