Medium-Large Business Payroll

Realizing each customer is unique, we offer flexibility and a number of methods that best fit each customer's needs, staff and involvement.

Friendly and Familiar
Payroll Specialists

Conversion Specialist

Getting started may seem like a hard task, but our Conversion Specialist will guide you through your initial setup or transition and first payroll.

Personal Agent

After working with our Conversion Specialist, a dedicated customer service representative will be assigned to handle your account personally. Avoid the confusion of speaking with a new agent each payroll and save time with our personalized service.

Dedicated Team

Our entire team is committed to providing the highest quality service in the payroll industry. If your personal agent is unavailable for any reason, we have a backup on hand that can quickly step in.

Flexible Payroll Submission

Email, Phone, or Fax

Work with your personal payroll specialist directly to submit your payroll. Whichever method you choose, we guarantee that your payroll will process on time and on your terms.


Our online WebClient makes submitting your payroll a breeze. Whether you are at the office or on the road, you can save time with our quick and simple online access.

New Remote Entry

TelePayroll uses the state of the art Evolution Payroll and Tax Management system for remote payroll entry. This proven, reliable software will automate more of your day-to-day processes than any other system on the market.

Payroll Management
at your Fingertips

Customized Reports

Robust and comprehensive reporting gives your business a clear outline of each payroll that we process. TelePayroll offers a number of customized reports to fit your unique requirements.

Employee Pay Options

Whether you prefer the simplicity of direct deposit or the classic option of paper checks, TelePayroll provides a variety of pay options to meet your business needs.

Employee Self Service

Give your employees access to pay stubs and W2 forms anytime with TelePayroll's e-Pay service. e-Pay will streamline the distribution of your employees' pay information, saving you time and money while improving payroll delivery and efficiency.

Simplified Tax Filing

Employee Tax

TelePayroll will collect and file your taxes for any tax agency jurisdiction in the United States. Our extensive reporting allows for efficient handling of all tax filing needs so you never have to worry about missing a tax payment or filing deadline again.

Child Support & Garnishment

Automatically deduct child support and garnishments and steer clear of manually tracking payments. Child support can be paid electronically to save time and simplify the payment process.

New Free Quarterly Tax Filing

As long as you have processed a payroll during the current quarter, TelePayroll's dedicated tax department will pay and file your quarterly taxes free of charge.

Online Payroll

Access your payroll and HR needs on the go with our online portal. Import timesheets, manage employees, and submit payroll anywhere, anytime.

Time and Attendance

Track your employees with ease using our efficient Swipeclock time and attendance service. Save time by importing your timesheets directly into our payroll system.

Tax Services

Forget about complicated tax codes and laws with TelePayroll's tax services. Ensure that your payroll taxes are calculated accurately, collected, and filed properly every time!