Human Capital Management

TelePayroll Human Capital Management (HCM) is an end-to-end, single source solution that provides the tools you need to effectively manage your employee life cycle. From applicant tracking and onboarding to performance reviews and leave of management, all of your employee data is securely stored in one place and easily accessible in the cloud.

From electronic documents, automated workflows, single-source, full-featured HRIS solutions to Full payroll and HR compliance - Give your employees the tools and information they need to outperform the competition and take your business to the next level. TelePayroll HCM provides a proven framework to keep your workforce engaged and growing. It's time to transform your company with TelePayroll HCM.

Management Of Your Employee Life Cycle

HR Online

HR AnswerLink puts all of your human resource tools in a simple, online system. Avoid the high cost of hiring a labor law attorney and put your money where it matters with this complete resource.

Employee Resources

Take pressure off your management team and simplify tracking your employees with Evolution's HR module. This resource enables simple tracking of FMLA, attendance, benefits management, pay grades, and company property.

New Evolution HR

Take pressure off your management team and simplify tracking your employees with Evolution's HR module. This resource enables simple tracking of FMLA, attendance, benefits management, pay grades, and company property.

Enhance your Workforce and Reduce Turnover

Applicant Tracking

Once you recruit the right candidates, turn them into dedicated team members with integrated Applicant Tracking. It helps keep prospects and documents organized while you build a stronger workforce for your company. a stronger workforce and reduce the high costs of employee turnover with TelePayroll's tool simplifies converting a prospect to a productive member of your team.

Employment Screening

TelePayroll offers the tools you need to find the right employees for your company's unique culture. Our employee screening services give you peace of mind when making hiring decisions. From applicant tracking to background checks, Social Security No. validation, address history tracking, national crime database, etc. Discover the information you need to build your team with confidence.

Background Check Service

Conducting background checks can protect your business and reduce the risk of employee fraud, theft, and embezzlement. Thirty-three percent of business failures are due to employee theft? Know exactly who you are hiring and protect your business with our background check services. TelePayroll works with National Crime Search on employment background checks and screening services - credit reports, government watch list, civil litigation search and bankruptcy credit reports - so you can be confident in the applicants you hire.

Stay Compliant in a Changing Environment

Workers' Compensation

Protect your workforce and gain peace of mind in an unpredictable world. Eliminate large up-front deposits and and improve cash flow with TelePayroll's workers' compensation payment service. Spread out your workers' compensation payments over each payroll and put your money where it counts in your business.

COBRA Tracking

TelePayroll provides a cost-effective option for handling COBRA administration. Spend time and allocate company resources more efficiently with this value-added service.

State Unemployment Insurance (SUI)

State unemployment insurance is another administrative burden that wastes valuable time and resources. TelePayroll will handle all unemployment insurance requirements and ensure that your company is compliant.

Why Do I Need HR?

We are regularly asked, “What is HR and why is it important to our business?” In an ever-changing world of compliance and regulation, having an effective human resources solution is an essential part of running an efficient and government-compliant business.

HR AnswerLink

This online resource provides everything you need to keep your business compliant with local laws and regulations. Create employee handbooks, access hundreds of forms online, and save hours with this all-in-one tool.

Hiring Services

Hire the right people for your team and reduce employee turnover with TelePayroll's hiring services. Recruiters can track applicants, run background checks, and take advantage of many other employment screening services including drug testing.

Workers' Compensation

TelePayroll offers a simple, effective workers' comp solution that helps you focus on your core business needs - not the financial and administrative burden associated with workers' compensation. Protect your business and stay compliant with this value-added service.

Retirement and 401(k) Planning

Help your workforce save for retirement and take advantage of tax benefits for your business. TelePayroll offers a range of retirement and 401(k) plans through many top financial planning companies.