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Many clients ask what makes us different than other payroll providers in the industry. After all, processing payroll is a fairly standard process no matter which company is handling it. At TelePayroll, we set ourselves apart by providing the highest quality customer service in the payroll industry. Our philosophy is centered on our clients and the positive experience we create with each interaction.

Referral Relationship

Telepayroll offers the most professional, yet cost effective payroll solution for your clients. Telepayroll is service focused. Each client has its own assigned support representative and tax specialist to answer their questions. Clients will have the flexibility of sending data through a file import, time clock import, telephone call, fax, or e-mail. Your clients and their employees will have 24/7 online access to their payroll information. Your client can give you free access as well.

We can also send you your choice of payroll reports automatically whenever your client’s payroll is processed for no charge. In addition, you can choose to automatically receive emailed copies of all quarterly and year-end tax returns, also for no charge. We offer QuickBooks exports. As a referral partner, you have the option of being listed on our website under our Referral Partners tab. This allows you to list your contact information in order to market your business to potential clients.

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Processing Relationship

This option allows you to maintain control your clients’ payroll processing, but at the same time offers a complete support staff to help you with any questions that you might have. Let us provide you with the state of the art software to process your clients’ payroll for less than you are currently paying. You will have full access to one of the most powerful payroll products in the industry that will make processing payroll more efficient and profitable for you. You will have the option of billing your own clients or having us bill them directly.

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Acquisition Relationship

This option offers complete freedom from handling your clients’ payroll processing. When the time is right for you to sell your payroll client base please contact us for a free price evaluation. You can be assured you will be taking care of your clients payroll needs with a company that provides the highest level of service and at the same time receive the financial reward you have earned from your years of hard work. Fill out the form below to explore the transition options we can provide you and your payroll client base:

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