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About Us

Many clients ask what makes us different than other payroll providers in the industry. After all, processing payroll is a fairly standard process no matter which company is handling it. At TelePayroll, we set ourselves apart by providing the highest quality customer service in the payroll industry. Our philosophy is centered on our clients and the positive experience we create with each interaction.

Referral Relationship

Word of mouth referrals are the main source of growth for our close-knit, family owned business. When you refer your clients to TelePayroll, they receive an industry leading customer service experience, backed by a 97% retention rate, and our full array of products and services. You can benefit through free resources offered in our CPA resource center, revenue generation through our revenue sharing program, and other rewards for client referrals.

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Processing Relationship

Do you want to increase revenue by processing your clients’ payroll but don’t want to outsource it to another service? Our processing relationship is right up your alley. This option allows you to maintain control your clients’ payroll processing with the added benefit of a complete support staff to help you with any questions that you might have.

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Acquisition Relationship

Are you currently processing your clients’ payroll but find yourself spending more and more time on administrative tasks that take you away from your core practice? We completely understand. Payroll is a complex business with constantly changing regulations, and with the addition of the Affordable Care Act mandates it can quickly become unmanageable.

If this sounds like your situation, TelePayroll has a win-win solution: sell your existing payroll clients to us and get back to what’s most important to you. Whether your goal is to generate capital or free up more time to expand your practice, we have you covered.

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No Fault Payroll

No Fault Payroll centers around a simple belief: if a client makes an error that causes a payroll correction, TelePayroll will not charge to correct the mistake.

  • Simplified Billing and Error Resolution
  • Customer Focused Business Philosophy
  • No Early Termination Fees
  • Lasting Relationship with Payroll Agent

Next Day Direct Deposit

Many payroll companies require 3 days notice for direct deposit, but not us! We allow next day direct deposit to help with last minute changes and provide more flexibility for your clients.

  • Money Stays in Your Client’s Account Longer
  • More Time For Your Clients to Complete Payroll
  • Flexible For Unexpected Changes

Debit Funds On Check Date

We debit the funds for your clients’ payroll on check date instead of the day before. This allows for more cash on hand when your client needs it.

Delay Of Tax Debits

Are funds tight this payroll cycle? No problem, we can delay tax debits to give your clients more flexibility and peace of mind.

Private Label Branding

Your brand, your logo... You’re in control.

  • Control the Look and Feel
  • Add More Value to Your Clients
  • Keep Your Brand Consistent
  • Personalize Your Clients’ Experience
  • Increase Margin Without Increasing Workload
  • Payroll Integrates With Workers’ Comp, 401(k) Plans, Health Insurance, and Attendance Tracking