No Fault Payroll

No Fault Payroll
The new TelePayroll philosophy

The Owners

A message from the owners of TelePayroll

NO FAULT PAYROLL - What does it mean for me?

No Fault Payroll centers around a simple belief: if a client makes an error that causes a payroll correction, TelePayroll will not charge for the mistake. We understand that processing errors happen and many times these errors are out of your control - our team is human just like everyone else! No Fault Payroll focuses on improving your experience with your payroll representative while simplifying billing and error handling. It's that simple.

As we reviewed our core values of the last 50 years to prepare for the future, we realized that one part of our model does not fit in our customer-centered business plan: charging for payroll corrections when a client makes an error. Once our team realized this, we set to work on a solution that aligns TelePayroll's business plan with the values that have supported us for over five decades. And thus, No Fault Payroll was created.

Our team is ecstatic to announce No Fault Payroll to our clients. We feel that it truly represents the values and direction of our company - to create the most positive customer experience in the payroll industry. Feedback is greatly appreciated so feel free to contact your payroll representative with comments or questions. As always, thank you for your continued support of our company, and get ready for a No Fault Payroll experience!


Michael and Martin Gilberstadt
CEO and President of TelePayroll, Inc.

No Fault Payroll goes live on June 16th, 2014

No Fault Payroll - Ever had a situation where...

Forget to submit a particular employee in your time sheet?

No problem... we got you covered!

A typo was made on the hourly rate and someone didn't get paid properly?

We got it handled.

Employee hours were improperly categorized as overtime or vacation?

Oops! Don't worry, we'll square it away.

Forget to include a deduction or garnishment?

Don't fret. It's an easy fix!

Some other scenarios...

  • Errors that are correctable on the client’s side via manual checks
  • Forget to change pay rate after a raise
  • Pay an employee about to be terminated via direct deposit
  • Processes before payroll is actually ready (remote)
  • Errors on direct deposit that do not cause a reversal of the entire payroll, just the specific check

No Fault Payroll - Additional Information

What fees are we getting rid of through No Fault Payroll?

Fees for processing errors, early or mid-quarter termination fees, and no charge for document copies when on Record Retention

Okay, what's the catch?

No Fault Payroll is intended for payrolls processed on the client’s scheduled payroll calendar. Unscheduled payroll processing that is not on your calendar is still billable. Same-day delivery and direct deposit service is excluded when correcting a client error. Additional terms and conditions may apply.

What scenarios are not covered?

  • Sending the wrong pay period in on your time sheet
  • General omissions that cause a need to process a new, unscheduled payroll

TelePayroll's Characteristics

Industry Leading Software

Industry leading software with an emphasis on custom reporting.

  • Customizable Reporting As Needed
  • Highest Level of User Security
  • Custom Time & Attendance Imports
  • GL & Check Recon Exports
  • Integrated HR System
  • Integrated Employee Self Service System
  • Major Banks Utilize the Same Software
  • Full Service Payroll Provider

Proven Reliability

Reliably serving our clients for over 50 years.

  • Industry Leader - In business since 1963
  • Fully Bonded & Insured
  • 97% Client Retention Rate
  • SSAE 16 Type II - SOC 1 Certified
  • Audited and Tested Business Continuity Plan Annually

Service Oriented

We go the extra mile for our customers.

  • 24/7 Web Access to Payroll Data
  • Dedicated Agent Assigned to Each Client
  • Next Day Direct Deposit Service
  • Benefits Enrollment System
  • Integrated Employee Self Service System
  • Personal Tax Specialist Assigned to Each Company