Medical Schools Seek Applicants’ Who Understand Health Policy & Health Care Reform

With the rapidly evolving political health care landscape, many medical schools are becoming more interested in applicants' understanding of health policy and health care reform. For those preparing a medical school interviews - whether in a traditional interview or a multiple mini-interview they will be expected to have a clear understanding of health care reform. [...]

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Killing the ACA Tax Will Make it Easier to Restore Insurer Subsidies

The House is poised to pass tax reform on 11-17-17; the Senate draft includes a repeal of ACA's individual mandate.  Is this an attempt to deny Americans health insurance?  Some want to repeal the mandate that fines Americans who don’t buy health insurance and become part of the tax initiative under review.  The hope is [...]

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Debate On Health Law Repeal & Individual Tax Mandate Swirls

Considerations on the ACA status may include a repeal defining that most Americans must have insurance coverage as part of their tax-overhaul package.  This adds an uncertain element to an already complex legislative effort. Basically the proposal would co-mingle the draft tax bill currently under consideration with health-care provisions. In short, the concept would use [...]

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Shopping Guide For ACA Plans

When consumers shop for Affordable Care Act plans starting Nov. 1, what they find depends on their individual circumstances. For those receiving federal subsidies to help with their premiums the new plans may offer greater benefits.  But those who aren’t eligible for those subsidies (people making 400% of the federal poverty level, around $48,000, or [...]

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