ACA Inclusion In Tax Bill To Be Decided Within Days

Some legislators feel that a bipartisan ObamaCare insurer fix will be added to a government funding bill this week (Dec. 18-22), potentially setting and is still being hotly debated. The bill is aimed at stabilizing insurer markets — and  would be added to a stop-gap government funding bill that must pass before this Friday's funding deadline. The [...]

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Impact of Undoing Exemption From The ACA Individual Mandate Hotly Debated

The debate surrounding the pending repeal of the Affordable Care Act’s centerpiece requirement that most people get insurance or pay a penalty is alive and well. A measure to repeal the ACA's mandate was rolled into the recently proposed tax plan and is currently being vigorously debated. But now, more experts are concluding that rising [...]

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Healthcare Costs: Insurance Benefits, Value & Premium Pricing

As consumers become responsible for increasingly larger portions of their health care costs, some are reducing their consumption of medical services in an effort to contain the financial impact. While most consumers are not yet comparison-shopping based on cost, this will likely change with the new ACA regulations. Choosing a health insurance broker is important [...]

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Update on ACA Status

Congress is headed for a showdown on whether to insert several pressing health measures in year-end bills.  The looming health-care issues include: Funding for a children’s health program Possible delay of certain taxes by the ACA A bipartisan plan to bolster fragile insurance markets It isn’t yet clear which of the bill's  measures will pass. [...]

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