‘Last-Ditch’ Bill To Repeal the ACA Healthcare

Legislation on Wednesday, 9-13-17 to repeal and replace major portions of the ACA with a system of block grants, is submitted as a first step towards making good on a seven-year House promise. The bill is suggested as a good chance to advance the replace and repeal effort. The bill would replace ACA's Medicaid expansion, [...]

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An ACA Single-Payer Health Plan Under Consideration As Another Option

On 9-13-17 a single-payer health bill was proposed designed to embrace a bigger government role in health care.  Single-payer refers to a government-run health insurance system, though details can vary.  the bill would create a national Medicare-like insurance system and eliminate most out-of-pocket costs for individuals. The surge in support rests on several factors including [...]

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Predictive Modeling & Small Commercial Insurance Risk Assessment

Predictive modeling is effective as a risk assessment tool in personal insurance, but acceptance in commercial insurance has been relatively slow, even for small commercial. When an insurance carrier hesitates to integrate predictive modeling, it’s usually results from a lack of resources or understanding about how to build an effective model. Predictive modeling is still [...]

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