E&O Coverage – Vital To Professional Services Companies

When you invest in professional liability E&O coverage, you protect your business and reputation against lawsuits.  Whether real or perceived, Errors & Omissions Insurance (E&O) helps fund legal expenses when you're sued over professional mistakes, work miscalculations or missed deadlines.  E&O insurance is most popular among professional service industries including: Architecture Engineering Information Technology Consulting [...]

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ACA: Administration’s Health Care Order – May Improve Availability & Affordability – But Congress Still Must Act

The Administration's recent executive order, which will expand health-insurance options for individuals battered by rising premiums and fleeing insurers, depends upon others to clear the way. While the executive order represents progress, Congress still needs to act. The President directed three federal departments—Labor, Treasury, and Health and Human Services—to consider ways of providing more flexibility [...]

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Human Capital Management Trends – End-to-End, Single Source Solution

In early 2017, one third of global employers reported that their workforce turnover increased. And that, in addition, a high percentage of organizations admitted they were having problems keeping key groups of staff – those with critical skills, high potential and the top performers. Furthermore, an even greater number of employers are having issues recruiting [...]

ACA Directive Expands Sale of Less-Expensive Plans/Fewer Benefits – Will Ease Insurance Rules

The administration plans to sign an executive order Thursday (10-12-17) to initiate the unwinding of the ACA and may advance sweeping changes to health-insurance regulations by instructing agencies to allow the sale of less-comprehensive health plans to expand. Federal agencies will be directed to take actions to provide lower-cost options and foster competition in the [...]