Administration Unveils ‘American Patients First’ Plan on Drug Costs

The administration unveiled it’s policy plan to tackle the rising cost of drugs. The "American Patients First" blueprint builds on the administration’s 2019 budget proposal and calls for changes in Medicare Part D alongside a focus on price transparency.  This "American Patients First" policy plan tackles the rising cost of drugs. The President called the proposal [...]

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Advanced Bill Allowing Veterans to See More Private Health Providers

A US House of Representatives panel has advanced legislation to allows more veterans to see doctors outside the Veterans Affairs system.  The bill, the VA MISSION Act, passed the House Veterans Affairs Committee 20-2. This bill would allow more veterans to go outside the VA healthcare system and use private-sector doctors when VA medical centers [...]

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The ACA Health Plan Draft Labor Rule Needs Rewrite

The administration has been looking for lifeboats for Americans trapped in old ACA exchanges. One project is to expand “association health plans,” on Association Health Plan (AHPs), that let employers team up to offer coverage. But the fine print in the proposed Labor Department rule is causing concern and needs to be cleaned up. The [...]

Why Healthcare Needs to Invest in Consumer Journeys

For healthcare organizations to improve their consumer experience, they need to emphatically understand their experience from start to finish. A proven way to do that is by mapping the consumer journey. As healthcare requires sensitivity, it’s critical to know how and when consumers need to engage with you, to anticipate what they need, and guide [...]