Update on ACA Status

Congress is headed for a showdown on whether to insert several pressing health measures in year-end bills.  The looming health-care issues include: Funding for a children’s health program Possible delay of certain taxes by the ACA A bipartisan plan to bolster fragile insurance markets It isn’t yet clear which of the bill's  measures will pass. [...]

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Debate On Health Law Repeal & Individual Tax Mandate Swirls

Considerations on the ACA status may include a repeal defining that most Americans must have insurance coverage as part of their tax-overhaul package.  This adds an uncertain element to an already complex legislative effort. Basically the proposal would co-mingle the draft tax bill currently under consideration with health-care provisions. In short, the concept would use [...]

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Avoiding Costly Payroll Mistakes

Everyone knows the business world isn't perfect. And, business owners have learned the hard way that payroll management is not as simple as it appears. Managing a viable payroll system requires attention to detail as well as a sound understanding the tax laws matters to small and mid-size companies. Payroll mistakes are like ants in [...]

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The Tax Corner – April 2015

By Nancy Espinoza, Tax Manager Required Paperwork for Newly Hired Employees In order to stay compliant with the various government agencies, employers should be aware of necessary paperwork required when hiring new employees: Under the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986, all employers are required to verify the identity and the eligibility of employees [...]

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