New Tax Proposal Exempts Small Businesses From Some ACA Rules

The White House is proposing changes that would allow millions of small businesses and the self-employed to buy health-insurance plans that don’t comply with all ACA requirements through regulatory action. The proposal would allow businesses that share geography or an industry in common to form an association and sell members health policies that are exempt [...]

Will A New ACA Finally Emerge in 2018?

The sweeping 2018 tax bill approved on Wednesday, December 20th, will repeal the individual mandate in 2019, which could potentially take millions of people out of the health insurance market.  It also eliminates some existing subsidies, halved the insurance enrollment period, squelched the plan's marketing campaign, and rolled out regulatory health plans that changed the [...]

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ACA Inclusion In Tax Bill To Be Decided Within Days

Some legislators feel that a bipartisan ObamaCare insurer fix will be added to a government funding bill this week (Dec. 18-22), potentially setting and is still being hotly debated. The bill is aimed at stabilizing insurer markets — and  would be added to a stop-gap government funding bill that must pass before this Friday's funding deadline. The [...]

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