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Prepare for 2017 Minimum Wage Laws

Verify you are paying all employees at least the Applicable Minimum Wage. And be aware of what city or county your employees are working in - because there are differing minimum wages, as well as paid sick leave rules, in dozens of California cities and some counties. PAY AND BENEFITS INCREASES FOR STATE MINIMUM WAGE  [...]

Safety – Employment Law Update

SAFETY & WORKERS’ COMPENSATION Several bills relating to workers’ compensation were signed into law in 2017: AB 2883 Clarifies that owners or officers of businesses who receive pay from the business may be excluded from coverage under the workers' compensation policy but only if they are owners of at least 15% of the stock of [...]

Did You Know – Evolution HR

Enhance your Workforce and Reduce Turnover Human Resources can be time consuming and cause headaches for many companies.  Eliminate the hassles and potential legal fees and focus your money where it counts.  TelePayroll offers HR solutions that make it easy to manage your employees and dedicate more time to your business. Take the pressure off [...]

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Mandatory Sick Days in California Starting 7/1/15

By Martin Gilberstadt II, Business Development California's new law, titled AB1552, recently passed making sick time mandatory in California, effective on July 1st, 2015.  The law guarantees California employees at least 3 days of paid sick days per year, which start accruing once the law becomes effective next July.  Employers are required to offer leave to [...]