New Report Addresses Impact of Drug Abuse & Workplace Testing

A recent drug-testing firm has published a white paper, Economic Value of Drug Testing in the Workplace for Health Payers & Employers. The article addresses opportunities for health payers and employers recommending ways that they can utilize drug testing to: Decrease Employee Turnover and Absenteeism Reduce Employer Risk Lower Workers’ Compensation Rates: Top doctors in [...]

What Employers Need To Know About Immigration I-9 Forms – 2018

Update #3: What To Do About Immigration I-9 Forms Do not allow any government entity, and specifically DO NOT ALLOW the Customs & Immigration Service, or U.S. Homeland Security to obtain or review your records UNLESS provided a Notice of Inspection.  If you receive a Notice of Inspection for I-9 forms, you must post a [...]

Employers TelePayroll Can Help You Prepare For New California HR Employment Laws

2018 brought in numerous new laws that every California employer must understand and implement.  These laws are not optional and must be followed to avoid costly penalties or potential legal consequences. As a reliable resource of HR information and news to our customers, TelePayroll has prepared a series of helpful updates defining the specifics of [...]

Healthcare Costs: Insurance Benefits, Value & Premium Pricing

As consumers become responsible for increasingly larger portions of their health care costs, some are reducing their consumption of medical services in an effort to contain the financial impact. While most consumers are not yet comparison-shopping based on cost, this will likely change with the new ACA regulations. Choosing a health insurance broker is important [...]

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