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A Minor Technicality On Pay Stub Can Cost Employers Big Bucks

Today’s business can be susceptible to lawsuits, big fines, and headaches in areas they take for granted. Imagine being sued by every single one of the employees who worked for you over the past four years because your paystubs have an extra comma in your company’s name. A zip code is missing from your company’s [...]

Prepare for 2017 Minimum Wage Laws

Verify you are paying all employees at least the Applicable Minimum Wage. And be aware of what city or county your employees are working in - because there are differing minimum wages, as well as paid sick leave rules, in dozens of California cities and some counties. PAY AND BENEFITS INCREASES FOR STATE MINIMUM WAGE  [...]

Avoiding Costly Payroll Mistakes

Everyone knows the business world isn't perfect. And, business owners have learned the hard way that payroll management is not as simple as it appears. Managing a viable payroll system requires attention to detail as well as a sound understanding the tax laws matters to small and mid-size companies. Payroll mistakes are like ants in [...]

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5 Common Financing Mistakes Made by Small Businesses

There are many sides of financing to consider as a small business, and often one or more important details are overlooked.  These can range from whether you really need to borrow or not, the underlying fees associated with financing, or the opportunity costs to the business. Read through 5 of the most common small business [...]

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