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Dealing With Harassment? Discrimination? Wage Theft?

How Can Employees Get Justice With Mandatory Arbitration? How closely did you read the packet of paperwork on your first day of work? Or the contract that came with your cellphone? Chances are good that you unknowingly signed away your access to the courts. Arbitration clauses have become a fixture in American life. You can [...]

Triple Threat: Amazon, Berkshire, JPMorgan Rattle Health-Care World

Three Giants’ Envision Using Technology to Cut Costs & Replace Insurers / Drug-benefit Carriers Inc, Berkshire Hathaway Inc. and JPMorgan Chase are involved in a big, big new concept.  They are planning a revolutionary health care approach that could shake up form a single company to reduce their workers’ health costs. This news sets [...]

What Employers Need To Know About Harassment Training – Gender Identity, Expression & Orientation In 2018

Harassment Training Regarding Gender Identity, Expression and Sexual Orientation What:  Training - which is required regarding prevention of sexual harassment and bullying behavior -must now include training inclusive of harassment based on gender identity, gender expression and sexual orientation, in the training all employers with 50 or more employees, and must provide supervisors and managers [...]

Employers TelePayroll Can Help You Prepare For New California HR Employment Laws

2018 brought in numerous new laws that every California employer must understand and implement.  These laws are not optional and must be followed to avoid costly penalties or potential legal consequences. As a reliable resource of HR information and news to our customers, TelePayroll has prepared a series of helpful updates defining the specifics of [...]