What Employers Need To Know About New Parent LOA In – 2018

New Parent Leave Of Absence Act: Effective January 1, 2018, employers with 20 to 49 employees are now required to allow qualified employees to take unpaid leave as much as 12 weeks to bond with a new child.   To be eligible for qualification, employee must have completed 1,250 hours of work for the company [...]

What Employers Need To Know About Reproductive Health Rights

Update #4: Employment Policies - Reproductive Health Rights Because employees have the right of freedom to make their own reproductive health decisions without interference from their employers, this law is required by law to be included in all Employee Handbooks and used in training. Men, women, and their families can be affected by potential reproductive [...]

Employers TelePayroll Can Help You Prepare For New California HR Employment Laws

2018 brought in numerous new laws that every California employer must understand and implement.  These laws are not optional and must be followed to avoid costly penalties or potential legal consequences. As a reliable resource of HR information and news to our customers, TelePayroll has prepared a series of helpful updates defining the specifics of [...]

Prepare for 2017 Minimum Wage Laws

Verify you are paying all employees at least the Applicable Minimum Wage. And be aware of what city or county your employees are working in - because there are differing minimum wages, as well as paid sick leave rules, in dozens of California cities and some counties. PAY AND BENEFITS INCREASES FOR STATE MINIMUM WAGE  [...]