Predictive Modeling & Small Commercial Insurance Risk Assessment

Predictive modeling is effective as a risk assessment tool in personal insurance, but acceptance in commercial insurance has been relatively slow, even for small commercial. When an insurance carrier hesitates to integrate predictive modeling, it’s usually results from a lack of resources or understanding about how to build an effective model. Predictive modeling is still [...]

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Necessities & Health Care – Where U.S. Consumers Spend Their Money

Consumers spend most of their money on necessities, especially housing and health care.  The brick-and-mortar retail industry is in crisis. For many old-line retailers, sales and market share are plunging fast. The reality is more mundane: We are spending a smaller portion of our budget at the mall, but the money we’re saving is mostly [...]

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An Analysis of The Physician Perspective On Single-Payer Health Care System

Single-payer health care is a controversial idea in the U.S., but a majority of physicians now support it, new survey finds.  Fifty-six percent of doctors registered either strong support or were somewhat supportive of a single-payer health system, according to a Merritt Hawkins.  In its 2008 survey, opinions ran the opposite way — 58 percent opposed [...]

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