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Why Healthcare Needs to Invest in Consumer Journeys

For healthcare organizations to improve their consumer experience, they need to emphatically understand their experience from start to finish. A proven way to do that is by mapping the consumer journey. As healthcare requires sensitivity, it’s critical to know how and when consumers need to engage with you, to anticipate what they need, and guide [...]

Health Care Tops Americans’ Worries for Third Year

Health care is the issue Americans worry about the most, topping the economy as the public's primary concern for the third year in a row. More than half of adults – 55 percent – in a new National Gallup Survey say they worry "a great deal" about the availability and affordability of health care, while [...]

Will Small Biz ACA Problems Be Saved by Association Health Plans?

Out of 75 Major Concerns, Small Business Owners Rank Health Insurance Costs as the Number One Problem They Face Between 2008 and 2015, the proportion of employers with fewer than 10 employees providing health insurance dropped by over one-third while the proportion of employers with 10 to 24 employees dropped by a quarter. Why have [...]

Healthcare – ACA Update

The Administration voted on 2-20-18 to allow health insurers to sell lower-cost, less-comprehensive medical plans as an alternative to those required under the ACA program.   Insurers would have to make clear that the plans, which could last for less than 12 months, would be liberated from the ACA’s benefit and other mandates. The proposed regulations [...]