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Rewriting the Rules for the Digital HRM Age

Human Resource Management (HRM) has a big opportunity to help lead the transformation to a digital enterprise.   In the next several years, HR teams that embrace digital platforms will be required to incorporate the dual challenge of transforming HRM operations, as well as transforming the workforce and way work is done on the other.  [...]

McConnell Announces Senate Vote on Full Repeal Not Replace of The Affordable Care Act

After facing insurmountable opposition from four Republican senators, the Affordable Care Act repeal bill will be replaced by an effort to repeal the law without a replacement. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky) announced on Monday, July 17th that the Senate would vote on a two-year delay to fully repeal the ACA. Also on Monday, President [...]

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Digital HRM – Platforms, People & Work

Today's HR Is Undergoing Rapid & Profound Change Once viewed as a support function that delivered employee services, HR is now being asked to help lead the digital transformation sweeping organizations in the US and worldwide. We see this change taking place in three areas: Digital Workforce: Understand how organizations drive new management practices  “digital [...]