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Medical Schools Seek Applicants’ Who Understand Health Policy & Health Care Reform

With the rapidly evolving political health care landscape, many medical schools are becoming more interested in applicants' understanding of health policy and health care reform. For those preparing a medical school interviews - whether in a traditional interview or a multiple mini-interview they will be expected to have a clear understanding of health care reform. [...]

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Shopping Guide For ACA Plans

When consumers shop for Affordable Care Act plans starting Nov. 1, what they find depends on their individual circumstances. For those receiving federal subsidies to help with their premiums the new plans may offer greater benefits.  But those who aren’t eligible for those subsidies (people making 400% of the federal poverty level, around $48,000, or [...]

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Jumps In ACA Sign-Ups Begin In November

Heading into the 2nd week of the ACA’s annual open-enrollment period, early sign-ups and traffic appear strong, report industry and government officials - More than 600,000 people have selected plans through the federal HealthCare.gov website in the initial days. ACA insurers including Highmark Health, CareSource, Independence Blue Cross and Sanford Health Plan said they were seeing significantly [...]

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Congress Considers Voiding ObamaCare Mandate in New Tax Bill: 11-6-17

As Congress began retooling the tax proposal in pursuit of a final version that can pass a Congressional vote, the House suggested that using their sweeping tax bill to repeal the ACA's individual mandate - through a proposed measure to undo the requirement that Americans must buy health insurance - might be included in the [...]