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ACA Directive Expands Sale of Less-Expensive Plans/Fewer Benefits – Will Ease Insurance Rules

The administration plans to sign an executive order Thursday (10-12-17) to initiate the unwinding of the ACA and may advance sweeping changes to health-insurance regulations by instructing agencies to allow the sale of less-comprehensive health plans to expand. Federal agencies will be directed to take actions to provide lower-cost options and foster competition in the [...]

White House To Issue Executive Order Expanding Health Care Options

The White House is putting the finishing touches on an executive order that would expand health care options and allow individuals to band together and buy insurance beyond their state lines.  The new options would broaden instructions for agencies to explore loosening regulations and lowering premiums. The order, which is expected to be signed sometime [...]

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Deadline Arrives for Health Insurers to Set 2018 Rates

Florida Update: The ACA plan premiums may increase an average of 45 percent in Florida next year due to health care insurers rate hike requests, according to Florida's Office of Insurance Regulation. Florida has six insurers selling plans on and off the exchanges in 2018 including: Blue Cross and Blue Shield, Celtic Insurance Company, Florida Health Care [...]

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Payroll Technology Enhancements Continue in 2017

Payroll management has modernized significantly over the past few years, thanks in part to innovations such as cloud computing, mobile devices, and new software that allows for better integrating payroll with other HR functions. More Apps Allow Payroll Access Many Apps Managers and employees today want to have access to payroll data from wherever they [...]