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Medicaid Program Tilting Out of Control From ACA Influence

At least 21,000 Americans have died waiting to enroll in Medicaid, thanks in part to the expansion of the ACA government healthcare program, based on research reported by the Foundation for Government Accountability (FGA). See “The Medicaid Waiting List Crisis” report The report focuses primarily on the waiting lists generated by the Home and Community-Based [...]

Where The ACA Is Likely Headed

The tax-reform provision repealing the penalty on those who refuse to participate in ACA has freed millions of Americans to escape a system that exploits them. But while Americans can escape ACA, they still can’t buy insurance in the individual market independent of ACA because private insurers are prohibited from selling it. If this prohibition [...]

Latest Healthcare Reform News Updates II

March 12, 2018 An analysis from The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities says that funding the ACA’s cost-sharing reduction (CSR) subsidies in Congress’s upcoming omnibus spending bill would “do more harm than good.” When the CSR funding late last year was cut off, insurance companies raised premiums on ACA health insurance plans to make up [...]

Latest Healthcare Reform News Updates

March 8, 2018 New Analysis Charts Outperformance of State-Run ACA Marketplaces The 17 states that currently administer their own ACA marketplaces perform better than the federal marketplace, according to a new The Commonwealth Fund analysis.  The results state: The data review found that state-run marketplaces have: Lower projected premiums ($633 per month vs. $526 per [...]