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New Report Addresses Impact of Drug Abuse & Workplace Testing

A recent drug-testing firm has published a white paper, Economic Value of Drug Testing in the Workplace for Health Payers & Employers. The article addresses opportunities for health payers and employers recommending ways that they can utilize drug testing to: Decrease Employee Turnover and Absenteeism Reduce Employer Risk Lower Workers’ Compensation Rates: Top doctors in [...]

States Evaluate Establishing Their Own Health Insurance Mandates

Congressional Repeal of ACA’s Individual Mandate Leaves A Number of Lawmakers Examining Replacement Measures At least nine states are considering their own versions of a requirement that residents must have health insurance, a move that could accelerate a divide between states trying to shore up the ACA and other states intent on eliminating requirement. Congressional [...]

Update On the Children’s Health Insurance Program

Funding for a health insurance program for children - the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) - arose as an offshoot of discussions in Congress on the budget.  The CHIP program expired last September, and a permanent solution had not been passed by the beginning of this year. CHIP Program & What It Does Created in [...]

Triple Threat: Amazon, Berkshire, JPMorgan Rattle Health-Care World

Three Giants’ Envision Using Technology to Cut Costs & Replace Insurers / Drug-benefit Carriers Amazon.com Inc, Berkshire Hathaway Inc. and JPMorgan Chase are involved in a big, big new concept.  They are planning a revolutionary health care approach that could shake up form a single company to reduce their workers’ health costs. This news sets [...]