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Why Healthcare Needs to Invest in Consumer Journeys

For healthcare organizations to improve their consumer experience, they need to emphatically understand their experience from start to finish. A proven way to do that is by mapping the consumer journey. As healthcare requires sensitivity, it’s critical to know how and when consumers need to engage with you, to anticipate what they need, and guide [...]

Employers TelePayroll Can Help You Prepare For New California HR Employment Laws

2018 brought in numerous new laws that every California employer must understand and implement.  These laws are not optional and must be followed to avoid costly penalties or potential legal consequences. As a reliable resource of HR information and news to our customers, TelePayroll has prepared a series of helpful updates defining the specifics of [...]

Predictive Modeling & Small Commercial Insurance Risk Assessment

Predictive modeling is effective as a risk assessment tool in personal insurance, but acceptance in commercial insurance has been relatively slow, even for small commercial. When an insurance carrier hesitates to integrate predictive modeling, it’s usually results from a lack of resources or understanding about how to build an effective model. Predictive modeling is still [...]

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HCM “People Analytics” Undergo A Shift

Driven by the widespread adop­tion of cloud HR systems, companies are investing heavily in programs to use data for all aspects in workforce planning, talent management, and operational improve­ment. People has now gone mainstream. Organizations are redesigning technical analytics groups to build digitally powered enterprise analytics solutions. These new solutions — whether developed internally or [...]