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States Evaluate Establishing Their Own Health Insurance Mandates

Congressional Repeal of ACA’s Individual Mandate Leaves A Number of Lawmakers Examining Replacement Measures At least nine states are considering their own versions of a requirement that residents must have health insurance, a move that could accelerate a divide between states trying to shore up the ACA and other states intent on eliminating requirement. Congressional [...]

Update On the Children’s Health Insurance Program

Funding for a health insurance program for children - the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) - arose as an offshoot of discussions in Congress on the budget.  The CHIP program expired last September, and a permanent solution had not been passed by the beginning of this year. CHIP Program & What It Does Created in [...]

New Tax Proposal Exempts Small Businesses From Some ACA Rules

The White House is proposing changes that would allow millions of small businesses and the self-employed to buy health-insurance plans that don’t comply with all ACA requirements through regulatory action. The proposal would allow businesses that share geography or an industry in common to form an association and sell members health policies that are exempt [...]